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After 55.... my thoughts

Film Simulation-x100v-Part 1

Ilford HP+

The Fujifilm x100v, a modern digital camera with a retro rangefinder feel and look. Why is it out of stock everywhere? At time of writing, 21 April 2023, most sites have stopped taking orders and the back order is estimated to be at least a year. The used market have now listed this camera at around a 100% premium to its RRP. Go figure, I bought this camera sometime around early 2021 and after 2 years I can actually make a profit from it.

Fujifilm x100v on the left and Yashica Electro 35 GSN on the right

You can see the similarities in the design but there is where it all stops. The Yashica is a film camera from the 60s, yes I have gone retro to a fault, and its a bit of a hassle shooting film reason being is that I tend to be a bit careful and it takes a while to finish even a 36 exposure roll.

Some Film Simulation Shots from the x100v

Taken in Jakarta a week ago. Love the grainy look from which I cannot determine if its the camera of the simulation as it is somewhat sharper. Will do a follow up post with an actual film comparison. There is an Arcos B&W roll in the Yashica that is just waiting to be processed.

Add a Closing Message

Follow this post for more updates on film simulation as I try to increase my stock photographs from both the x100v and the yashica.

I know that the this blog asks for you to be a member, do let me know if its a bit of a hassle and I will see what I can do to fix this blog posting controls. Apologies as I am still starting out on this wix site.


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