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Film.. old school photography has its joys..

Caught the bug on shooting old rangefinders with film. At first it was just to prove that my father-in-law's old Yashica was still in good working order. One roll led to another and with me catching Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) more rolls were shot. Jury is still out on the Canonet QL17. Maybe because I thought I could salvage a damaged roll of film which I mis-loaded on the Yashica. To no avail, the film was damaged and frames overlapped.

What I have here is a series of shots taken from the Yashica with a "cult" roll of film, Cinestyle 800T and the Arcos 100. The Cinestyle as the name suggest is apparently film based on old cinema film stock. Have a look...

This BW shot was taken with an old Point & Shoot camera, the Rollei Prego Micron. A really messed up camera that looks new but the LCD is already spoilt and will not work hence it usually a shoot and hope moment. Unfortunately only this made the cut.

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